Why use an Apartment Locator?

The reason we are passionate about helping our clients with their apartment locating needs was that we saw there were often specials apartments were not advertising to "walk-ins." Also, unlike many apartment locating agencies who only send you a list we also make ourselves available to our clients who desire we tour apartments with them. We know how tough it can be sometimes to find "just the right place." Let us help you with taking some of the stress off in moving!


Want FREE Rent Money?

Once you're approved call/text us at 832-460-6670 or email us at

When you choose the QUICK & EASY route you become eligible for a $50-$200 Moving Credit on any 12+ month lease at any participating Apartment Community. 

Tour alone at your convenience. You will receive Curated List, your Showing Agent will plan your tour, you know the rebate amount for each property, and a map will be sent to you as well to make things easier and more time efficient. 

Write "Arise Realty Group with J. Lindsey Properties" on ALL GUEST CARDS. This includes when they ask for your personal information you need to tell them "Arise Realty Group" is your referral source

Found your home! Make sure you write "Arise Realty Group" on any APPLICATION(S) as your referral source

Submit your Lease Information to us for invoicing & Claim your Moving Credit!


How do I qualify for a Moving Credit?

  • First of all, you MUST have selected our Quick & Easy route. 

  • Once we have received your lease information from you we will invoice the apartment manager and confirm it.

  • Exact Moving Credit amount is disclosed in the email provided with your tour information. 

  • Your lease agreement needs to be a MINIMUM of 12 months at a participating Apartment Community who works with locators to qualify for the moving credit.

  • Without the above steps we will not receive compensation for the work we do. If we get paid, so do you."Arise Realty Group with J. Lindsey" MUST be on ALL GUEST CARDS & APPLICATION(S).

  • We will need to know the following information below in "Submit Lease Information"

Alexandra Salas | Team Leader 

Need a place in the Greater Houston Area? We have sent over 1,000 lists and have helped hundreds with their Apartment Locating and Leasing needs


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