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When you choose the QUICK & EASY route you become eligible for a $50-$200 Moving Credit on any 12+ month lease at any participating Apartment Community. 

Tour alone at your convenience. You will receive Curated List, your Showing Agent will plan your tour, you know the rebate amount for each property, and a map will be sent to you as well to make things easier and more time efficient. 

Write & Mention during your Tour "Arise Realty Group" on ALL GUEST CARDS. This includes when they ask for your personal information you need to tell them "Arise Realty Group" is your referral source. 

Found your home! Make sure you write "Arise Realty Group" on any APPLICATION(S) as your referral source. 

Submit your Lease Information to us for invoicing & Claim your Moving Credit!


How do I qualify for a Moving Credit?

When you begin your search with us you have two options. Option 1: You can choose to go alone and tour. You would qualify for a $50-200 Moving Credit depending on the property you choose. The day before your scheduled tour, your Showing Agent will call and verify availability and specials. An email will be sent to you with the tour information and next to each property you will see the rebate amount for that property. Your lease agreement needs to be a MINIMUM of 12 months at a participating Apartment Community who works with locators to qualify for the Moving Credit. Option 2: You can have one of our experienced Showing Agents tour with you. The Showing Agent will tour each property with you. They will make sure to ask questions during your tour and point out anything that might be of concern. This option is not eligible for a Moving Credit.

How do I claim my Moving Credit?

Our name MUST be mentioned during your TOUR and listed as your REFERRAL SOURCE on any and ALL GUEST CARDS & APPLICATION(S). Agent/Locator: Arise Realty Group The above information must be on all two (2) of these: 1. Guest Card 2. Application Your lease agreement needs to be a MINIMUM of 12 months at a participating Apartment Community who works with locators to qualify for a Moving Credit. Without the above steps we will not receive compensation for the work we do. If we get paid, so do you.

When can I expect my Moving Credit?

Depending if all the steps were followed under "how do I cliam my Moving Credit?", then the property will typically pay us between 60-180 days. Each property is different. We will let you know upon invoicing how long they say it will take to recieve a payment. *** If any steps were missed and they are unable to connect "Arise Realty Group" to your specific lease then nobody gets paid.

Why do you offer a Moving Credit?

We only offer a Moving Credit on our Quick & Easy locating service. Our Showing Agent does not go on the tours. Since our Showing Agent saves time & gas then you save too!

How much will be my Moving Credit be?

When you "heart" the apartments you wish to tour, your Showing Agent will send you a Tour Information email. Next to each property you will see a "Moving Credit" amount. Depending on the property you select to apply at that will determine the Moving Credit amount. The amount can range from $50-200.

  • Apartments under $1250 will recieve a $50-100 Moving Credit.
  • Apartments of $1250+ will recieve a $100-200 Moving Credit.
It's important you follow all the all the steps outlined on this page to claim your moving credit.

What disqualifies me from getting a Moving Credit?

Below are reasons that could disqualify you from receiving a Moving Credt.

  • If you break your lease or get evicted before the invoice in sucessfully processed.
  • You did not follow the steps outlined on this page.
  • A Showing Agent goes and tours a property or properties with you.
  • You move to a property that DOES NOT work with locators.

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